Concertina Paperwheels


Paper is such a versatile material and great for making quick and easy decorations – take these lovely concertina style paperwheels – with not much more than some folds and some glue you can create a perfect party backdrop and celebration garland.

What You’ll Need

A4 or 12” x 12” double sided scrapbook paper (available here in The Paperstraw store), hot glue or all purpose glue, stapler, paperclips, large button or other embellishment, scissors.


How to Make Them:

For each of the small pastel colour wheels seen here we cut one sheet of coloured A4 paper in half lengthways. The festive red and white wheels below where each made from a sheet of 12″ x 12″ paper cut into four strips. You can use any size paper to create giant and mini wheels, just make sure you have enough length to form them.


If you are making the small wheels from A4, place the two strips on top of each other and make concertina folds around one inch thick (If you have any surplus at the end simply snip this off). Cut the folded paper in half and the separate into four strips. Match up the ends of end piece create a long sheet.


(Follow the directions above if you are using four strips from the 12″ x 12″ pack but don’t cut the folded sheets in half afterwards, simply separate the four sheets you have once folded.)

Next staple together the connecting edges at the top and bottom. If you prefer you can hot glue these edges or use regular all-purpose glue and secure with paper clips until dry.


Now take the two ends of your paper accordion, bring them around together to form a circle and staple together. Take both hands and push the circle inwards until the edges of the folds meet. Then – and this is the tricky bit but it will work eventually! – push the centre inwards and down on itself to make the wheel shape. It may take a while to get this and a spare pair of hands will certainly help at this stage.

Squeeze a small amount of hot glue in the centre where the folds meet. Hold this in place for a few seconds until it bonds. You may want to turn the wheel over and repeat this step on the other side for added sturdiness. If you are using a regular all purpose glue do the same but use paper clips to hold in place until dry. Glue a button or other embellishment to the centre to cover any glue or just for decoration. Twine, ribbon or string can be secured inside a fold for hanging.


Get friends or kids involved if you are making lots of these for a party or event, they take minutes to make and can be used for all sorts of things from brilliant baby shower garlands to Christmas decorations and even make a fantastic backdrop if you’re planning a fun family photoshoot.

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